Sunday, April 29, 2012

Teaching Assessment

Something to share with all my students.  Many thanks for your kind assessment. -- Wan Zuhairi Yaacob

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Panel Reviewer for 3rd International Conference on Contaminated Sites Remediation - Rome 11-14 September, 2012

My name has appeared in BOSICON 2012 website as one of the reviewers.  The conference will be held this September. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Groundwater Sampling at Tanjung Duabelas in Banting Selangor

Sampling for groundwater samples was conducted together with Mr Jasni Yaacob (LESTARI), Mr Atea Al Porakes (my PhD student) and Mr Farid Adnan (Geochemistry technician).  The sampling was conducted via several boreholes that were drilled using hand auger for up-to 10 m depth.  The water levels in the boreholes were firstly measured using dip meter and then purging was performed using a pump to remove all stagnant water inside the wells.  Sample was collected after a few hours using a bailer - Dr Wan Zuhairi Yaacob

Measuring the water table in the borehole using dip meter. 
Close-up view of dip meter sensor

New pump (1.7 horse power) is used to purge (clean) the borehole.
Sampling the groundwater using bailer.

Photo of the day: (from left to right) Mr Jasni Yaacob (LESTARI), Mr. Farid Adnan, Mr Atea Al-Porakis and Dr. Wan Zuhairi Yaacob

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) at abandoned Tin Mine of Sg Lembing Pahang

A fieldwork was conducted at Sg. Lembing ex-mining land on Saturday July 7th, 2012.  It was part of the requirement for Geo-Environmental coursework STAG3342 (Geo-environment & Anthropogenic Influence). The main objective of this fieldwork was to give exposure to students how to conduct site investigation of contaminated land according to Contaminated Land Management and Control Guidelines: Assessing and Reporting Contaminated Sites, that was introduced by Department of Environment Malaysia in 2009. 

During the fieldwork, students were divided into two groups. They were requested to do soil, surface water and groundwater samplings and also produce a simple Conceptual Site Model (CSM) of the site and taking into account the relationship between source -- pathways -- receptors.  Report will be submitted at the end of the semester (before the final exam week). -- (Dr Wan Zuhairi Yaacob)

One of the students measuring the surface water parameters using YSI water quality meter
Collecting surface water for chemical analyses of heavy metals.  This small drain is covered with red and yellow stain as a result of acid mine formation. 
Tailings deposit that has been exposed to air and rain for the past 26 years!
Group photo of  class 2011/2012 -- Geo-environment Module

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

IPTA Fundamental Research Grant (FRGS)

I have been granted a research grant from Ministry of Higher Education with the amount of RM109800 to conduct a research project entitled "The Migration of Heavy Metals Through Compacted Clay Liner using Small Scale Geotechnical Centrifuge".  The project will begin on April 4th 2012 and will be completed on April 3rd 2014 (24 months) -- Dr Wan Zuhairi Yaacob.