Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Attending 3rd International Conference on Contaminated Sites Remediation - Rome 12-14 September, 2012

Attending 3rd International Conference on Contaminated Sites Remediation in Rome Italy from 12 to 14 of  September 2012.  The confeence was organized by The Interuniversity Centre of Technology and Chemistry for the Environment (CITCA), the Italian Association of Chemical Engineering (AIDIC), and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (DICEA) of Sapienza University of Rome. The Third International Conference on Contaminated Sites Remediation, Bosicon 2012, aims  at presenting  recent scientific and technical contributions in characterization, risk assessment, innovative process design and new technologies in the field of contaminated sites, as well as brownfield restoration.

Paper presented during the Conference

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

One day trip to City of Pompeii, Naples, Italy

Finally, my ambition to visit and explore the City of Pompeii was achieved.  It was a day trip to City of Naples and Pompeii from Rome using Green-Line Tour Bus.  It was so exciting, I learnt a lot  during the visit especially about the tragedy of Pompeii .  Hopefully my visit will be beneficial for my Environmental Geology class where the ruined of Pompeii is part of my lecture.

Standing in the middle of the road at the remains of the City of  Pompeii

Photo of Mount Vesuvius captured from my tour bus (middle of photo)

Stone columns of one of the houses at City of Pompeii

A nice view of Bay of Naples

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Second Lecture at University Malaya organised by Geological Society of Malaysia

Second invitation by Mr Tan Boon Kong from Geological Society of Malaysia to give a talk at "Malam Sekitaran II - 2012" .  The topic presented entitled "Partitioning coefficient parameter of heavy metals for groundwater contaminant transport modeling". 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

My New Internship Student, Mr Shohta Kihara

Mr Shohta Kihara, a graduate student from Kyoto University in Japan will be working in my Laboratory for three months starting from 4th of September 2012.  He will be conducting a research on the migration of heavy metals through natural granitic soil.  He will conduct three major experiments in his laboratory work such as batch sorption test, leaching column 1g and miniature column centrifuge testing. He will also work closely with me to experience the waste disposal by landfilling and contaminated land management in Malaysia. 

Mr Shohta Kihara from Kyoto University in Japan.