Sunday, March 31, 2013

Updating my blog using Blog for IPAD MINI

This is a trial of how to update my blog using Blog, a free Apps from Apple store. Success!!.

2nd visit to Holy Mosque in Mecca

Alhamdullilah, all praise be to Allah. I had another opportunity to visit the holy mosque Masjidil Al Haram in Mecca for a second time. It was such a beautiful experience and will be remembered forever. I had the opportunity to perform Umrah, Tawaf the Baitullah and performing Saie between Safa and Marwah. While I was in Mecca, the expansion work of the mosque was still in progress. it will double up its capacity and will be completed by 2020. May Allah give me another opportunity to visit His mosque and this time I will take my wife with me, insya Allah.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Acid mine drainage phenomena in Pahang

Several active and abandoned mines in Pahang have been visited very recently.  It was part of the fieldtrip to supervise my research student who is currently investigating this phenomena.  The main objectives of the study are (i) to make a good prediction of AMD based on the lithology of the site; (ii) to prevent this from happening in the future by using natural materials such as zeolite, limestone, zero valent iron and modified clay.

Figure 1.  4WD is required for this fieldtrip to tackle rough terrain to the study site

Figure 2.  This small stream is affected by the AMD phenomena from active iron mine located upstream of this stream.

Figure 3.  The reading of pH value measured using portable pH meter indicating acidic pH of the water in this stream (pH = 3.17).