Friday, August 22, 2008

Sg Kembong Landfill

Fresh leachate (i.e. waste juice) from landfill "farm". It flows straight to Sg Kembong especially during rainy session. This photo was taken in August 2008. The same river had ammonium problem originated from this landfill before (2006?). It caused pollution and degraded the water quality of Semenyeh Dam. So, the authorities never learnt from the previous accident!! Dont they??.
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UKM-UNRI Seminar in Pekan Baru Indonesia 2008

waiting for lunch to be served. I ordered nasi goreng ayam special and es special
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Geotechnical centrifuge

Geotechnical centrifuge has been built at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. The project is funded by Malaysian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. This centrifuge can be used for environmental and geotechnical applications such as migration of pollutants in soils, stability of embankment, earthquake, etc.

Fish died from polluted leachate

An environmental effect of hazardous leachate on aquatic life. It kills and toxic !! (picture was taken somewhere in Dengkil Selangor).

acid mine drainage in Sg Lembing Pahang

One of the environmental problems due to acid mine drainage is called a "yellow boy", which is a precipitated materials of iron (III) hydroxide.