Friday, February 5, 2010

EIA consultant

I have been appointed as an EIA consultant subject specialist by the Department of Environment Malaysia
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Site visit to two gold mines in Pahang (Bukit Koman & Penjom)

A big signboard of the Raub Gold Mine (Bukit Koman). Standing next to me is Mr Hiroki Mogami, a japanese postgraduate student from Kyoto University, Japan.

Mr Hiroki is measuring a water quality of a well in a kampung in Raub, Pahang. The well is located upgradient of the mine. The water is fit for drinking

A nice view of open cast Penjom Gold mine in Kuala Lipis Pahang. Gold is associated with carbonaceous rock (black in colour). The cut off grade is 0.8 ppm.

Mr Mogami, myself and Zakaria (senior geologist of Penjom Gold Mine), not in the picture is Ms. Nor Shazwani (my research assistant)
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